A little About me

Welcome! I'm Jen Carter-Mills, the artist behind the jewelry at Entwined Mind Designs. I have been working and designing in wire since August of 2021 but I have been creating all sorts of art for as long as I can remember. Each piece of jewelry I make is unique and made with my own vision. All of my wire is of the highest quality. I use only cold connection techniques, no glue or solder. I try to buy artisan made, ethically sourced, and made in the USA as much as I can when purchasing materials. While this does reflect in my pricing it also reflects my values as an artist and human. My husband and I now cut and polish some of the stones ourselves. This allows me to have rarer materials and to be able to control the stone selection much more carefully. I absolutely love what I do and that reflects in my work. I am so glad your here and I hope you find that piece of art just for you. As I always say, each piece I make has it's person, I just need to find them.

Many Blessings,


A Little About Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Examples of jewelry made using wire wrapping techniques date back thousands of years.

Wire wrapping is not frequently used for modern jewelry because machines can make jewelry faster and cheaper. Machines can also create exact copies of each design to sell to the masses.

This is why wire wrapped jewelry is so special. Each piece is one of a kind and made only by hand.